The benefits to in-house teams in using our platform include:

Efficiency. The combination of our unique legal talent pool and streamlined technology platform drives efficiencies for our clients at every stage of the process of finding and hiring outside counsel. Companies who use our marketplace report they reduce the cost of legal services by 60% and the time it takes to engage an attorney by 80%.

Reliability. We are a single-source solution to in-house teams' run-the-company work, using data from successful engagements to create a reliable process to identify excellent attorneys, so that our clients can use our platform to hire outside counsel without the uncertainty that typically accompanies that decision.

Lower Administrative Costs. Our clients benefit from onboarding only one vendor, Priori, instead of multiple firms, substantially reducing administrative costs.

Reduced Rates. We reduce our network lawyers’ overheads with business development, data resources, and billing and invoicing software, enabling them to offer our clients below-market rates.

Diversity & Inclusion. We support clients' diversity and inclusion benchmarks, using data to connect in-house counsel with women- and minority-owned law firms and providers that meet certain diversity criteria.

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