How do I hire an attorney?

Formal Proposal

If the screening calls go well and you would like to hire an attorney for your project, you can request (by Message or the button on the lawyer's profile card) that the lawyer send you a formal proposal for you to review and accept to hire them for the purposes of our platform.

The formal proposal is a statement of work that confirms the engagement details and includes a description of the work, who will be performing the work, and the agreed rate.

Engagement Letters. The attorney has the option of uploading an engagement letter that attaches to their formal proposal that you can view and e-sign on our platform. Alternatively, the lawyer can send you the engagement letter by Message or directly by email, whichever is preferable for you and the attorney.

Screenshot. Sample Formal Proposal (including Engagement Letter)

Hire Attorney

You can accept the proposal by selecting the green Hire button on the lawyer's card (see screenshot above). That will open a project on our platform so that the lawyer can bill for the work. The lawyer will be notified of your acceptance by email and provided with your direct contact information to get in touch and get started with the project.

From there, you and the attorney can work together directly to complete the project and the attorney will use their Priori account to send invoices during the engagement.

Invoices will be sent to you by email or submitted via your preferred e-billing provider. You will also have access to the invoices on the Priori project page (see screenshot below).

E-Billing Software. Priori is set up and can submit invoices using the major e-billing software providers, including Legal Tracker, BillingPoint, Simple Legal, Collaborati, CounselLink, Brightflag, Tymetrix, Tipalti and more.

Matters for Priori attorneys can be opened by searching for Priori Legal, Inc. in your e-billing software. Please contact admin@priorilegal.com if you have any questions about getting a matter set up for e-billing.

New Projects

For any new projects with the same lawyer, simply request that the lawyer open a new project on our platform. You do not need to submit a new RFP to work with the same attorney.


If you experience any issues with your Priori attorney, engagement or our platform generally, please contact your Priori project manager or reach out to us at admin@priorilegal.com. We value your feedback and want to ensure you have a seamless experience on our platform.

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