Screening Calls

If any of the attorneys included in your proposal are of interest, the next step is to log in to our platform via the link at the end of the proposal and schedule screening calls (audio or video) with your preferred attorneys via the buttons on their profile cards. You will be prompted to send your availability to the attorneys who will be notified of your interest by email.

Screenshot. Lawyer Profile Card

Once the attorney confirms the call time, our platform will send you a calendar invite by email with dial-in details for the call. The dial-in details will also be available on your Priori account dashboard under "Scheduled Appointments".

Screenshot. Account Dashboard: Scheduled Appointments Section

If you would prefer to coordinate a call with the lawyer directly (e.g. via your own Zoom, Teams, WebEx or other method), you're welcome to message your preferred attorneys via the Message buttons on their profile cards. Once the first message has been sent, you will be able to exchange messages directly from your email inbox to coordinate the call.
Receiving Calendar Invites. The calendar invites are sent by email from [email protected]. If you do not receive an email invite please check your junk folder or email [email protected] for support.
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