Billing & Rates

How do rates work on Priori?

Priori clients are charged a composite rate for projects initiated on our platform. The composite rate is displayed on our platform at all times and is comprised of the lawyer's legal fees plus the Priori management fee payable by the client for the use of our platform. The formula is:

Composite Rate = Lawyer's Legal Fees + Priori Management Fee

For example, if you receive a proposal on our platform and a lawyer's profile has a listed rate of $230 per hour, that is the composite rate that your company would be charged if you engaged that lawyer for the project. It is comprised of the lawyer's legal fee plus the Priori management fee. There are no additional charges.

The same formula applies to flat, hourly, success, mixed-fee and other rates on our platform.

The composite rate is only charged if you choose to engage a lawyer on our platform. There is no cost associated with submitting an RFP, receiving a proposal or scheduling screening calls with your suggested attorneys.

What are the average rates?

We accommodate flat, hourly, success, mixed-fee or other rates on our platform.

One of the advantages of the depth of our attorney network is that it offers access to attorneys across a wide range of rate levels, so no matter your budget we can work to match you with the right attorney for your requirements.

To the extent helpful:

  • The average hourly rate on the Priori platform is $261/hr across all U.S. geographies and practice areas.

  • For projects requiring volume support (commercial overflow and temporary placements), the average rates in our network are $4,500 - $5,500 per week ($110-$140 per hour) for 40 hours per week. For a 10-20 hour per week commitment the rates average between $150-$180 per hour.

What rates are included in your proposal? We ask attorneys to include an hourly "rack rate" when first setting up their attorney profile. These rates are indicative only and are designed to show what the attorney typically bills for the type of work they usually do. All of our attorneys are open to discussing flat fees and alternate rate structures, and we suggest reaching out to any attorneys you feel might be a good fit to discuss the project with them in advance of discussing potential fee structures.


Invoices for projects initiated on the Priori platform will be sent to you by email or submitted via your preferred e-billing provider. The standard billing period is between the 1st and the 7th of each month for the preceding month’s work.

Payment may be made by credit card or linked bank account from your Priori account and our platform handles routing the attorney's legal fees to the attorney.

If your company requires alternative arrangements or payments to be made by wire/ACH payments, please contact to request the appropriate account information.

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