Sending RFPs


Feature Lab users can send requests for proposals to your trusted law firm panel and, if desired, simultaneously receive proposals from Priori Marketplace.

Using this structured RFP process, your teams can negotiate better terms and pricing with your law firms and select the right firm for a new project, whether from existing panel relationships or Priori’s broader marketplace.

Adding Law Firms

To add law firms to your Feature Lab account, follow these steps:

Important Note. When adding law firms to Feature Lab, you can select whether to enable the firm to receive RFPs. If you enable a firm to receive RFPs, the firm will be notified by email and will be prompted to register on our platform. For those firms, you may wish to notify them in advance so they are aware the invitation is coming.

Sending RFPs

To create and send a new RFP, follow these steps:

Reviewing RFP Responses

As firms respond with proposals, follow these steps to view and manage the responses:

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