Our Model
Our platform uses data and technology to rapidly connect legal departments with the right counsel at the right price for any project.
We do this through two key features:

1. Global Vetted Attorney Network

The Priori attorney network is what you get access to when using the Priori platform — a network of quality solo practitioners, boutique- to mid-size firm attorneys and law firms across the US and internationally that have been thoroughly vetted and made available to in-house teams through our platform.
The lawyers who successfully apply to join our network have demonstrated expertise in their practice areas and maintain a technology-forward, client-centric practice. Once admitted to the network, our technology enables them to create a custom, granular map of their practices and experience, which in turn allows us to rapidly match them with relevant client projects.
You can read more about our attorney network here:

2. Streamlined technology platform

Our technology platform (available at www.priori.com) enables in-house teams to rapidly connect with the right outside counsel for any project globally.
The process to find an attorney is:
RFP Builder. Our interactive questionnaire helps you quickly build a customized RFP for your legal project.
Efficient Matchmaking. Our platform matches the structured RFP data in your RFP with data collected from attorneys in our network to generate a custom shortlist of qualified attorneys for your project.
Modular Comparison. On receiving your proposal, you can use our platform to compare modular lawyer profiles that have been customized to highlight relevant experience. Afterwards, schedule screening calls or meetings with your preferred candidates, message attorneys for further information or to request project-specific bids, and receive formal work proposals on a flat, hourly, success, mixed-fee or other basis.
Hiring & Billing. If you decide to move forward with an engagement, our platform facilitates the hiring process and our billing/invoicing software handles billing and payments. Our platform also integrates with leading e-billing software, including Legal Tracker and Simple Legal.
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